Experienced Estate Planning Help From A Caring Attorney

I am attorney Jon T. Oden. Since the start of my law career almost 55 years ago, I have helped countless individuals throughout North Texas and the Texas Panhandle, create the estate plans they need. Everyone needs an estate plan and getting one becomes more important with every major life event and every year you age. Whether you are a family who has just had children or bought a house, are recently retired or have come into significant assets, now is the time to create a plan that protects your assets and establishes your wishes after you pass.

You Control the Estate Plan - Whether Simple or Complex

I am ready to help create estate plans as well as lead individuals through the process of transferring assets into a trust or with other family succession transactions. Whatever you require, you can count on working directly with me from start to finish. These things can be overwhelming to deal with, but I will explain and organize the process. We will discuss your goals, work through your options and make the process as easy as possible. When we are finished, your estate plan will be complete and you will have done all you can to have peace of mind.

You want to give your beneficiaries as much as you can offer, and together we can choose the most cost-effective options that satisfy your requirements. I will answer all of your questions so you can be confident that your plan will fit your needs. Whether you need will, trust, power of attorney or a business association, I can help.